Guidance Report:

How to Transform to a Digital Workplace

with Unified Communications

This special report “Your Journey to Digital – Are We Nearly There Yet?” is brought to you by IT Pro – a renowned UK-based media specialized in B2B IT insights and trends. The report covers inspiring contents including:

  • Are we digitally transformed, like what Gartner, IDC, 451 analysts predicted? Or much further behind?
  • Why IT and business must work together to be successful? See opinion shared by CIO/CTOs and NTT Com experts.
  • How does the 8th largest airline in the world adopt unified communications to transform the whole company?
  • How does a life science company with 250 employees in Europe improve their efficiency & productivity with unified communications?
  • What are the 9 Steps to digital transformation?
  • Editor’s exclusive interviews: Principal Analyst of Creative Intellect Consulting, and NTT Com & Arkadin’s experts on latest unified communications and digital transformation trends.

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